Amish Latter-Day Saints: A Journey Of Discovery

When three devout Amish families from the same congregation in Knox County, Ohio chose to change faiths and be baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the entire community was stunned. Occasionally individuals will choose to leave the faith but it is rare for an entire Amish family to leave and almost unheard of for 3 families to leave. After their baptisms, as is customary among the Amish, these three families were shunned by the close-knit community, becoming completely isolated from the only life they knew. Despite losing family, friends, and businesses they found peace as they worked to define their new life. It was their new-found faith that gave them the courage to endure the painful shunning and face the unknown. As they struggled together to find their way, these families have found support and love from new friends throughout this journey of discovery. Hear about what they learned about love, loss and sacrifice.